Complexity and Management Conference 5-7th June 2020

This is to give you advance notice that next year’s Complexity and Management Conference will be 5th-7th June 2020, at Roffey Park, speaker and topic to be decided.

6 thoughts on “Complexity and Management Conference 5-7th June 2020

  1. Jae Webb

    Hello, I am interested in attending. I heavily used Stacey’s work in my dissertation a few years back. Teach in management courses now. Where can I find information on registration costs?

    1. Chris Mowles Post author

      Details for next year’s conference will be posted in September and the booking site with costs will go up in January. The price will probably be the same as this year, in the region of £850 for conference fee and accommodation.

      1. Jae Webb

        Thank you. I’d be coming from across the pond (Texas) and need to have my travel forms submitted by Sept. 1. Are there any scholarships or assistance available for long distance travelers with small travel budgets?
        I appreciate the quick response.

  2. John Cramer

    I would also be interested in attending the 2020 conference. I am an independent OD practitioner in Texas and am currently midway through reading the Complexity and Emergence in Organizations series by Stacey et al.


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