Online Complexity and Management Symposium – Nov 20th: Complexity and Waiting

‘Zeal for doing, lust for action, leaves many a person, especially in this hurried and impatient human environment in which we live, with experience of an almost incredible paucity, all on the surface. No one experience has a chance to complete itself because something else is entered upon so speedily. What is called experience becomes so dispersed and miscellaneous as hardly to deserve the name. Resistance is treated as an obstruction to be beaten down, not as an invitation to reflection.’ John Dewey On Having an Experience, 1934

Fed up with rushing around ‘delivering’ things? Would you like to dwell a bit more in the uncertainty of not knowing? Are you interested in thinking about time, and the complexity of waiting?

Book now for the Nov 20th Complexity and Management online Symposium: 

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